Construction COVID-19

Construction During COVID-19: June Update

As many states begin to re-emerge from lockdowns, here’s the construction industry’s status in each state, as well as some of the safety precautions it is taking moving forward

construction industry

Construction After COVID-19

Experts predict enhanced jobsite sanitation, off-site work and remote working arrangements to be part of the ‘new normal’ after the COVID-19 pandemic ends

Construction Firms Adjusting Remote Work

Adjusting to Remote Work

From using digital technologies to enacting new policies, here’s how these construction-industry firms are adapting to the “new normal” of operating during a global pandemic.

Jobsite Safety During COVID-19

Jobsite Safety During COVID-19: A Moving Target

Many construction sites are adopting augmented schedules and social distancing to protect workers from COVID-19, but the uncertainty surrounding the virus has made standardized safety measures a moving target.

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